Enforcement via a Writ of Possession

A High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO) can be instructed to enforce a possession order obtained in the County Court or High Court. In cases where there are squatters or trespassers (unknown persons) occupying the property illegally and you have obtained a possession order then you can instruct a HCEO to enforce the order and remove the occupants. The process is relatively simple and can be done in a matter of days.

In the case where a landlord has obtained a possession order against a residential tenant the process can be slightly more complicated. The court’s permission needs to be sought to use a HCEO to enforce the possession order and it’s important to note that it’s not always granted. Please see our residential possession order enforcement page for more info.

Vicks Enforcement can transfer your possession order to the High Court for enforcement free of charge, however there is a fee of £66.00 payable to the court for the issue of the writ.