Fast and Effective Trespasser Removal

Whether it's a tenant eviction, squatter eviction, traveller removal, land or property repossession service that you need, Vicks Enforcement has the expertise, resources and enforcement agents that are able to act immediately upon instruction.

Eviction/removal under common law (commercial property/open land)

Our experienced Enforcement Agents can evict travellers, trespassers and squatters from commercial land or property under common law. Once we have been instructed we will serve an eviction notice giving the illegal occupants a maximum of 24 hours to vacate the property. We will then return after 24 hours to check that they have left; if they have failed to leave then we will arrange for our eviction team to attend the site and remove any remaining occupants and their possessions, then secure the site from re-entry from anyone. A report will be provided to each client once the property has been secured.

Eviction/enforcement of an order for possession

If you have an order for possession, then the most effective way to have the order enforced is to use the services of a High Court Enforcement Officer using a writ of possession. If you need assistance obtaining a possession order, please visit our possession (pre-enforcement) page.