Possession (Pre-Enforcement)

If you've got a problem tenant or unknown person(s) that you want to evict from a property or open land then we can assist with the complete eviction process. We offer this service to both residential and commercial property landlords, housing associations and local authorities across England and Wales.

We will review the tenancy agreement, prepare the appropriate notice(s) and serve the notices upon the occupants. Generally we serve one of two notices, either a section 8 notice which is a notice seeking possession due to rent arrears, nuisance or breach of tenancy or a Section 21 Notice which is a notice to terminate a tenancy agreement and seek possession, however we can where requested and where appropriate serve both simultaneously.

Serving notice in most cases is enough to ensure your tenant pays the arrears or leaves the property on or before the expiry of the notice.

Court proceedings are only required where your tenant fails to comply with the notice. Vicks Enforcement will start a claim for possession on your behalf (usually within the County Court) and notify you of the hearing date, where applicable. The hearing itself is likely to be within 4 - 8 weeks. We can instruct a solicitor/barrister to attend the court hearing with you. If you do not wish to attend the court hearing we can prepare a witness statement for an additional fee. We will file the witness statement with the court and serve a copy upon your tenant and contact you after the hearing with the outcome.

If a possession order has been granted and the occupant(s) have failed to vacate the property as ordered you can then enforce the possession order and have the occupant(s) evicted. We will first verify that the occupant(s) are still in occupation and then either instruct a High Court Enforcement Officer or County Court Bailiff to remove the occupant(s). You will need to arrange a locksmith to secure the property however we can arrange this for you. The landlord or agent will need to be present during the eviction.

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> Enforcement of Residential Possession Orders in the High Court (PDF Guide)