Other High Court Writs

High Court Enforcement Officer’s (HCEO’s) are responsible for the enforcement of writs of execution issued by the High Court. The most common types of writ to be executed by HCEO’s are writs of control and possession, however they are also able to execute the following: 

> Writ of Delivery - This writ is used for the recovery of specific assets such as vehicles.
> Writ of Assistance - This writ is used to assist in the enforcement of another writ.
> Combined Writ of Possession and Control - A combined writ is for both possession of land and recovery of money.
> Writ of Restitution - Used following the reoccupation of property or land following the execution of a writ of possession.

Other less common types of writs include:
> Writ of Venditioni Exponas
> Writ of Ne Exact Regano