Vicks Enforcement deals with many landlords and managing agents across England and Wales in regards to the recovery of overdue rent from non-paying tenants. In the UK rent arrears costs the commercial property sector millions of pounds each year, and in today's economic climate it is even more essential to act immediately to prevent tenants absconding, damage occurring and further rent arrears arising. Our rent recovery service is offered free of charge to all clients.

Our trained and certificated Enforcement Agents will do all they can to resolve the matter quickly and effectively, in a way which will preserve a good landlord and tenant relationship. Our rent recovery team will send the required notice of enforcement to the tenant giving seven days to pay the outstanding rent. Should the tenant fail to acknowledge the notice or make full payment our Enforcement Agent will attend the tenant's premises to collect the outstanding rent. If the tenant refuses or fails to pay, then our Enforcement Agent will seize the tenant's goods and arrange for their removal and sale at a public auction.

In order to carry out CRAR the following conditions must be met:
> The rent is in at least seven days of arrears
> There must be a written lease
> We must be in receipt of a signed Warrant of Control