Execution of Bail and No Bail Warrants

Vicks Enforcement has a dedicated network of warrant officers who have vast experience in the execution of arrest warrants for both bail and none bail warrants. Among our team of staff, we also have a number of ex-police officers who can give both practical advice and share their experience to help carry out the successful execution of warrants on behalf of our clients. We have experience in working with courts and Local Authorities across England and Wales to help trace and bring to justice defendants who have outstanding warrants against them.

We have developed good working relationships with a number of Police forces to ensure we are able to work promptly and effectively to detain defendants and bring them before the courts.

Vicks Enforcement recently joined forces with the "Arrest and Locate Service" who provide arrest and defendant location services to a number of Local Authorities across England and Wales. The partnership with Arrest and Locate Service provides a fresh ground for Vicks Enforcement to expand its current warrant services.

Examples of some of the warrants we enforce are:
> Magistrates Court warrants such as none payment of fines etc.
> Warrants of arrest to secure attendance to court etc.
> Warrants of committal such as non-payment of local taxes or collection of child maintenance.